A Pool Inspection is a Must

Most people love swimming pools. Pools bring back childhood memories, summers, and relaxing times. Many people who have their own pool are surprised at the amount of work required. Many people will take care of the basic maintenance or call in the pool guy once a week to clean up. They don’t realize that professional inspections are required to assess the critical aspects of pool maintenance.

These are some things you may not have considered when maintaining a swimming pool. A pool inspector can help you with these issues.

The structure of your pool – Seepage or structural subsidence are two of the most serious problems that can happen to a pool. An inspection of the pool can determine if it is structurally sound. It will examine tiles, cracks, and the level. This is the best way to avoid disaster.

Your filter size – It is important to keep your pool’s water as clean as possible. Although you may have a filter in place, it may not be sufficient to handle the volume of your pool. A professional pool inspector can tell you if your pool’s filter system is providing the benefits that you require.

Are you up to the code? Pools pose a danger to children and are a major safety hazard. There are many codes in place that govern the enclosures around pools, such as gates that lock or fences. An inspector can tell you if your pool is complying with state regulations and protecting your neighbors and family.

Is your dive board safe? A pool inspection can tell you if your diving boards are structurally sound and up to code. It’s better to be safe than sorry – A pool inspector can recommend any adjustments or changes you should make.

The electricity – Yes, electricity is in your pool. The lights! It’s a scary thought. It should be a priority to keep your pool’s electrical components in good condition. This aspect of your pool will be examined by most pool inspectors near me. They will tell you if your lights are safe and if your heater, timers, and controls are safe.

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